The America Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has outlined the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) in an effort to help clinical practices improve patient care. QOPI gives practices a series of tools they can use as both a measurement of patient care and as a set of guidelines to facilitate improvement.

To maximize potential benefit and minimize practice resources, EMOL Health is developing a set of tools that allow practices to utilize QOPI to its fullest. With these tools, practices can quickly see where they are excelling, as well as what they can do to give every patient the best care possible.

Currently EMOL Health has tools for the following measures:

  • Measure 2: Staging documented within one month of first office visit
  • Measure 30: Baseline iron stores documented within 90 days prior to administration of ESAs
  • Measure 31: Hemoglobin less than 10g/dL documented within 2 weeks prior to administration of ESAs
  • Please contact EMOL Health for more information on how QOPI and EMOL Health can help you.