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Industries We Serve

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Hospital Groups

In an effort to help providers optimize patient care and improve quality of life, hospitals use EMOL Health services to improve communication between practices, departments and service lines. By centralizing data in a digital warehouse, patient information can be quickly and easily shared among a private physician practice, lab, radiology, chemotherapy, and inpatient services. Data generated can also be used for research projects or in commercialization efforts.

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Clinical Research Organizations

Incomplete or inconsistent patient data found in EHR systems can weaken or slow clinical research efforts. EMOL Health supplements missing data with its unique provider dictation parsing and searching capabilities. Using either our proprietary network of oncology practices or a CRO’s private network of practices, EMOL Health can generate high-quality patient data for use in advanced research efforts. This data is then:

  • Aggregated
  • Archived
  • Normalized

Once pulled into and run through EMOL Health’s OWL system data is transformed into a deep, best-in-class well for researchers to use in clinical trials are retrospective reviews.

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Pharmaceutical Companies

Through our existing networks containing over 1,000,000 patients and our ability to quickly gain access to additional sets of medical data, EMOL Health is able to offer a unique and extensive data collection in the pharmaceutical research space. Using EMOL Health to access data allows pharmaceutical companies to:

  • Analyze Practice Patterns
  • Track Medication Adoption and Patterns
  • Track and Manage Symptom Burden
  • Review Compliance and Adherence
  • Provide Practice Feedback

Insurance Companies Icon

Insurance Companies

EMOL Health provides insurance companies with EHR information that is linked to clinical data and aligned to national care guidelines. This analysis can be used to:

  • Track compliance to value based performance initiatives
  • Track cost-saving activities
  • Track medication use and outcomes
  • Track compliance with national guidelines, such as NCCN, QOPI, PQRS, OCM, and MIPS
  • Track cost saving through prevention of adverse events such as blood transfusions, emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations
  • Benchmark provider performance

Experts in Oncology

Although EMOL Health’s unique technological solutions are used in all healthcare settings, our staff has a thorough understanding of oncology practices, treatments, and patients. OWL is developed under continual advisement of an experienced oncologic provider and other oncology practice professionals.

For a deeper look into EMOL Health’s commitment to helping oncology care professionals navigate cancer treatments for thier patients, check out the follow:

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  • Distress Management in Cancer Patients
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