• Collect, aggregate, and harvest medical data effortlessly to impact greater outcomes.

  • OWL is one of the largest data-rich clinical warehouses of oncology patients. It is capable of real-time analytics and automatic retrospective reviews.

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    PRES is a dynamically driven survey system developed specifically for healthcare settings. It is clinically proven, customizable, and supports multiple modes of communication.

Patient Reporting and Educational System

The PRES solution is a patient outreach system that easily fosters communication, reduces medical burdens, and completes the patient story using common technologies.
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Patient Management

Personalize patient care by interfacing directly with patients to increase compliance, manage side effects, manage symptoms, and reduce hospitalizations. The PRES solution is a simple to implement program that is easy for patients to interact with, and has been proven to positively impact outcomes.
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Wellness Care

Create healthier populations through the promotion of wellness accountability and understanding through health assessments. PRES Health Assessments not only provide current results to your population but also create action plans for reduction and prevention of health related risk factors.
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Risk Reduction

Distribute life-saving assessments to potential at-risk populations. PRES calculates personal risk of cancer and other chronic health issues, then creates clinically supported action plans for risk prevention and reduction based on results, while alerting care providers to high risk participants.

Oncology Warehouse Language

The OWL system is unique in its capacity of unmatched depth in aggregated patient data. These capabilities benefit researchers and medical industries alike.
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Clinical Trials

Industry-unique capability to parse information from provider dictations creates unmatched depth to patient data. These insights add detail not found in other patient records, providing researchers access to more complex data for analysis than that received from other resources.
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Practice Management

As national standards continue to evolve, practices need to ensure that they are providing the best possible care. OWL creates clinical decision support by presenting vital, real-time clinical information to providers. These tools help to maximize patient care and elevate practice performance.
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Data Warehousing

Committment to the safe collection and secure distribution of medical information to supply precise and actionable analytics to providers and industry professionals. Discover how data collected with OWL is more complete, providing a deep well of knowledge to the healthcare industry.