Unmatched Depth and Detail
in Clinical Data

EMOL Health has an industry-unique capability to parse data from provider dictation records, providing unmatched depth to our aggregated patient data. We find that data from dictation adds detail not found in other patient records, providing researchers more-accurate information. This gives organizations access to more-complex data for analysis than that received from other resources.

Our unique, proprietary software also instantly and effortlessly finds, mines and aggregates all digital data from provider practices, whether from IT systems in labs, pharmacies, patient management, imaging centers or EHR.

Simplify Research

EMOL Health makes it easier to find patients who qualify for clinical trials and research projects:

  • Reducing the administrative burden of complying with research protocols.
  • Eliminating human error made from extracting information manually.
  • Freeing human resources from the task of pulling patient records and data manipulation.

Automated Dictation Mining and Accuracy Prediction

Oral dictation is still one of the most preferred methods for providers to update patient charts due to its speed and ability to meet certain insurance requirements. Because of this, key elements of the patient record may be contained only in provider dictations rather than in fixed fields on and EHR. Data aggregation that relies solely on the EHR can miss important facts such as:

  • Metastases
  • Cancer Stage
  • Ethnicity and Race
  • Specific Type of Cancer

EMOL Health solutions include powerful software capabilities to recognize and mine information from oral dictation, giving the aggregated data more detail and accuracy. We use two techniques to uncover patient information in provider dictations:

Full-Text Searching

After indexing all unstructured information (such as provider dictations) through multiple optical character recognition (OCR) engines, our software searches for significant terminology using algorithms to increase the accuracy of matches.

Providers, staff, and researchers are able to search through thousands of documents with ease through the EMOL Health access tools.

Data Parsing

The system also increases value through data parsing; where it identifies not only the terms, but also pinpoints their placement within the dictation, and even down to placement within a sentence or in reference to other significant terms. This is very important when assessing meaning. For example, providers generally mention a patient’s race in the first sentence of dictation. Any subsequent uses of words that relate to a description of race are less likely to actually be a description of race, reducing the significance of later occurring matches. EMOL Health can parse medications and diagnoses out of dictations with more than 90 percent accuracy. Common data parsing includes:

  • Co-morbidities
  • Cancer Stage
  • Histology Code
  • Medications
  • Diagnosis

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