Vice President of Technology and Compliance Officer (Vancouver, CAN)

Aaron received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from Michigan Technological University. At Michigan Tech, Aaron work on advanced vehicle research leading him to present at multiple SAE World Congress and co-author technical papers on hybrid vehicle technology.

Aaron Thul has presented at technology events from Portland to Detroit. He enjoys the challenges of bringing open source tools to bear on problems in industry. Apache, Perl, PostgreSQL and Linux are among Aaron’s favorite problem-solving implements.

Aaron’s passion for promoting open source technology led him to become Con Chair of PenguiCon 4.0 (2006), the first convention to bring together two disparate communities that share a love of innovative thought (the open source community and science fiction fans). PenguiCon is currently one of the largest technology conventions events in Michigan. Open source community panelists at past PenguiCons have included Chris DiBona, Nat Torkington, Cory Doctorow and Bruce Schneier.


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Office: 248.434.1670 x 202
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Email: aaron.thul@emolhealth.com