EMOL Health is proud to announce ground-breaking news on three new collaborations with Michigan State University. Working again with Drs. Barbara and Bill Given, EMOL Health will provide the technology to complete a four-year clinical trial to increase adherence to oral chemotherapy. The system will utilize the PRES IVR system to remind patients to take their medications and refer them to The Symptom Management Toolkit for managing symptoms and medication side effects at-home. This grant is funded by NIH/NCI and includes collaboration with University of Michigan, Ohio State University, and Yale University.

In addition to the four-year grant with the Givens, EMOL Health is also starting work on two grants with Sandra Spoelstra, PhD, RN. Both of these grants will focus on increasing adherence to oral chemotherapies. Dr. Spoeltra’s grants will be using the PRES SMS txt’ing system to remind patients to take their medications and in one of the grants utilizing the PRES IVR system to manage patients’ symptoms at-home. These grants are funded by NIH/NCI and the McKesson Foundation.

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