EMOL Health is proud to announce the completion of our STTR grant. The project was an outstanding success, meeting all of our target goals. We would like to thank everyone involved including Dr. Sajeel Chowdhary, Program Director, Department of Neuro-Oncology, Florida Hospital System, Dr. Barbara Givens, Dr. Bill Givens, & Cindy Majeske from MSU. We look forward to starting the Phase II grant and continued collaboration with everyone involved.

Background: In 2010, EMOL Health and Michigan State University College (MSU) of Nursing were awarded an STTR grant. The goals were: 1) positively influence patients’ self-care symptom management behaviors at home, 2) monitor patient’s symptom status and identify potential urgent care issues which are then communicated to the busy oncology clinics for immediate medical intervention, and 3) reduce the symptom burden for patients, thus lowering visits to emergency departments and symptom-related admissions to hospital and, thereby, lowering cost to the health care system. Furthermore, the system can serve as an indicator of quality and pay for performance and is generalizable to managing symptoms among patients with chronic diseases.

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