EMOL Health recently launched a new benchmarking tool (Physician/ICD9 Report) that allows practices to see patient charges grouped by primary diagnosis for each physician broken down into HCPCS groups. This tool is helpful because it: 1) Allows practices to see what type of patient each physician focuses on 2) Benchmark the different offices within the practice 3) See how the practice and it’s physicians compare to the average in the EMOL Health systemRead More →

This month EMOL put live a new site design as well as a new domain https://www.emolhealth.com, name and logo. The new EMOL Health site brings with it a host of new features and tools to help users report on the data they need. Whether a Hospital, Patient, Pharma, or Medical Research Company, the new site was designed with users in mind. Contact EMOL Health today to find out how we can help you.Read More →

To help further the understanding of some of our tools we are pleased to post two screen shots with explanations as to how they work. We will create a webpage in the future with more explanation as to their interworkings. Zometa NeulastaRead More →

“I wanted to let you know that the Zometa tool that EMOL developed helped us to identify patients that had diagnoses of ‘bone mets’ who were not receiving monthly Zometa. After confirming the diagnosis with the attending physician, and getting the okay to start Zometa, not only were we able to treat the patient appropriately, but we also met our quarterly quota which allowed us to obtain our 3% rebate which equates to an approximate rebate of $6,568.96 for the quarter. So this tool was effective in not only assuring that patients are getting proper care, but also assuring that [our practice] was able toRead More →