EMOL Health is proud to announce a new collaboration with Precyse Solutions. Precyse has partnered with more than 850 hospitals and health systems nationwide to improve efficiency and deliver tangible outcomes to achieve Meaningful Use, meet compliance and Health Reform challenge, and transform operations and care delivery. Precyse has chosen to use EMOL Health technologies to streamline their processes, create deeper understanding, and maximizing staff efficiencies.Read More →

EMOL Health is proud to announce ground-breaking news on three new collaborations with Michigan State University. Working again with Drs. Barbara and Bill Given, EMOL Health will provide the technology to complete a four-year clinical trial to increase adherence to oral chemotherapy. The system will utilize the PRES IVR system to remind patients to take their medications and refer them to The Symptom Management Toolkit for managing symptoms and medication side effects at-home. This grant is funded by NIH/NCI and includes collaboration with University of Michigan, Ohio State University, and Yale University. In addition to the four-year grant with the Givens, EMOL Health is alsoRead More →

EMOL Health has rebranded all of our personalized patient care systems under the new name Patient Reporting & Educational Systems (PRES). PRES integrates our webtools and data warehouse with our ability to connect directly to patients via phone, SMS txt, tablet, and mobile device. Many of the products within our PRES line have been clinically proven to increase compliance, manage side effects, manage symptoms, and reduce patient hospitalizations. Furthermore, the systems can be used for clinical trials, conduct patient surveys, and collect patient-reported outcomes.Read More →

In December 2012, EMOL Health completed work with four University of Michigan students who developed a tablet application for in-office patient reporting. Nirusan Loganathan, Agu Nwosu, Branden Olson, and Obinna Ezidi partnered with EMOL Health through their professor, Bruce Maxim. The students project was to work with a company to create a new technology while meeting the goals of the client. The group met with EMOL Health president, Brian Decker, on a weekly basis, and voice conferences with EMOL Health developers on the West Coast. The application they developed is now integrated into EMOL Health PRES products, and will be used in several upcoming projects.Read More →

EMOL Health is proud to announce we have OCRed more than 10 million physician dictations, lab reports, and faxes with multiple OCR technologies, aligning the results to make the documents highly searchable. EMOL Health uses a minimum of 3 OCR technologies on each document allowing for utilization of the best OCR technology relative to each document. This technology has greatly reduced the time it takes for hospitals, private practices, CRO’s, and other groups to quickly find documents relevant for chart reviews, clinical trials, QOPI and more.Read More →

Over a year ago, EMOL Health starting working with Dr. Mei-Wei Chang, Associate Professor at Michigan State University, on the Mothers In Motion project. The project goal continues to be helping low income mothers who are overweight or obese improve their health by eating well, being active and dealing with stress. The project has been successful not only for the mothers it has helped, but also for EMOL Health as the first large scale test of our patient management system. The centralized hosting at EMOL Health allows recruiters and researchers to access the system securely at sites across Michigan. Over the last year we haveRead More →

EMOL Health, in partnership with Michigan State University College of Nursing and Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, has started a project to improve adherence and compliance to Tarceva (Erlotinib). To achieve this goal, patients will be supplied with a Symptom Management Toolkit (SMT) and called weekly via an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The SMT in combination with the IVR has been shown to reduce hospitalization, reduce symptom burden, the number of overall symptoms, unscheduled clinic visits, ER visits, and increase quality of life. Click here to learn more.Read More →

The America Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) has outlined the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) in an effort to help clinical practices improve patient care. QOPI gives practices a series of tools they can use as both a measurement of patient care and as a set of guidelines to facilitate improvement. To maximize potential benefit and minimize practice resources, EMOL Health is developing a set of tools that allow practices to utilize QOPI to its fullest. With these tools, practices can quickly see where they are excelling, as well as what they can do to give every patient the best care possible. Currently EMOL HealthRead More →

EMOL Health is excited to started working with Dr. Mei-Wei Chang, Associate Professor, Michigan State University on the Mothers In Motion project. The project goal is to help low income mothers who are overweight or obese improve their health by eating well, being active and dealing with stress. Click here to learn more about EMOL Health’s role in this project.Read More →

EMOL Health has released its Query Tool. This tool allows users to quickly search for patients based on a user-selected set of criteria. Criteria include: age, diagnosis, stage, medications (both ‘received’ and ‘did not receive’), lines of therapy, vitals (height, weight, systolic, diastolic, etc…), and many more. As with all EMOL Health tools, the results can be exported to Excel for later use. Contact EMOL Health today to set up a demonstration.Read More →