A newly updated version of the PRES Mobile App has released. Version 1.09 has been updated and optimized for iOS 12 while maintaining all of the features of previous versions. The PRES Mobile app interfaces directly with patients to provide personalized care support. Additionally the application reports patient outcomes to providers to help inform clinical decisions. The PRES Mobile app is one part of the Patient Reporting and Educational System from EMOL Health.Read More →

EMOL Health is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. It has been redesigned it with you in mind, streamlining menus, simplifying navigation, building a responsive layout for all platforms and providing more resources and information on our products and services. We encourage you to explore the site, discovering the full spectrum of uses of our PRES and OWL product lines, read some of our most recent news; including partnering with QCCA, or explore our Leadership pages and get to know the EMOL Health team a little better. EMOL Health will continue to expand our resources to deliver the most updated andRead More →

EMOL Health has just lunched our new Breast Cancer Risk Assessment (BCRA) system with a custom website for radiology offices. Our BCRA system allows health care providers to identify more high-risk patients in order to provide the extra care those patients require while driving incremental revenue for the practice. Learn more at http://bcra.emolhealth.comRead More →

What’s New in Version 1.07 Improved Performance and Stability Enhanced Document Scanning Email & Text Studies/Reports to patients and care providers which can be taken/viewed via the web Advanced Login including Server Switching Password Reset Functionality Fully-Integrated Web Version of the AppRead More →

PresMobile Version 1.05 was released today. The new version has several improvements including enhanced image capturing capabilities, greater integration into our web based reporting systems, improved help documents, and the ability to more easily review past surveys & reports.Read More →

PresRx version 1.00 was released this week and the first patients have started using it as part of a 6-month clinical trial. Dr. Erin Sarzynski, M.D., M.S. of Michigan State University, is using PresRx to increase medication adherence for patients taking ten or more medications a day. You can read more about PresRx and the clinical trial here.Read More →

Emol Health is excited to announce a new project with Apria Healthcare. Apria is the nations largest provider of home healthcare products and services, specializing in the care of chronic illnesses. For the next six months, Apria will be using the PRES Tablet System in respiratory cases to manage patient symptoms, track and benchmark clinicians, and reduce hospital readmissions.Read More →

Starting in December of 2013, EMOL Health will roll out a new use of our PRES Systems. Working with Stacey A. Duncan-Jackson, MPA, RN, BSN, CCP and Debra Darling, RN, BSN, CCP of the MSU Institute for Health Policy, the PRES Systems will be used for first time outside of oncology. The IHP was recently awarded part of a larger grant from Michigan Medicaid for a new Quality Improvement initiative in adult asthma care. With the PRES System, patients enrolled in the program will have the choice to receive phone calls or mobile text messages for symptom management and to track adherence to medications. TheRead More →

EMOL Health is excited to begin working with Dr. Erin Sarzynski, M.D., M.S., of Michigan State University. Recently Dr. Sarzynski was awarded grant funding from the Center for Innovation and Research, a collaboration between MSU and Sparrow Health, to create a medication reminder application. This application will combine several of EMOL existing technologies in innovative ways to help patients increase medication adherence and populate a compliance report for physicians. Once fully operational, the application will scan patient medication, automatically populate reminders, track patient adherence, and interface with the existing PRES systems.Read More →