EMOL Health is proud to announce the completion of our STTR grant. The project was an outstanding success, meeting all of our target goals. We would like to thank everyone involved including Dr. Sajeel Chowdhary, Program Director, Department of Neuro-Oncology, Florida Hospital System, Dr. Barbara Givens, Dr. Bill Givens, & Cindy Majeske from MSU. We look forward to starting the Phase II grant and continued collaboration with everyone involved. Background: In 2010, EMOL Health and Michigan State University College (MSU) of Nursing were awarded an STTR grant. The goals were: 1) positively influence patients’ self-care symptom management behaviors at home, 2) monitor patient’s symptom statusRead More →

EMOL Health is excited to started working with Dr. Mei-Wei Chang, Associate Professor, Michigan State University on the Mothers In Motion project. The project goal is to help low income mothers who are overweight or obese improve their health by eating well, being active and dealing with stress. Click here to learn more about EMOL Health’s role in this project.Read More →

EMOL Health, in conjunction with Michigan Technological University (MTU), is presenting a poster at the Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference (GLBIO) 2011 at The Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Dr. Laura Brown from MTU will be presenting research findings on using technology and clinical information for creating a predictive model for determining patient response to certain care plans. The GLBIO conference will run from May 2-4, 2011.Read More →