EMOL Health is pleased to announce a new partnership between EMOL Health and the National Cancer Care Alliance (NCCA). NCCA is a growing network of independent oncology practices from across the country. NCCA members, through collaboration, sharing of best practices, economies of scale, and a team care approach, define and deliver high quality, high value health care. NCCA will take advantage of the EMOL Health OWL system to create a centralized data warehouse for thier member practices. NCCA Members will also have access to EMOL Health OWL Web Tools that will aid in the increase of clinical trial participation and other NCCA initiatives.Read More →

A newly updated version of the PRES Mobile App has released. Version 1.09 has been updated and optimized for iOS 12 while maintaining all of the features of previous versions. The PRES Mobile app interfaces directly with patients to provide personalized care support. Additionally the application reports patient outcomes to providers to help inform clinical decisions. The PRES Mobile app is one part of the Patient Reporting and Educational System from EMOL Health.Read More →

EMOL Health is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. It has been redesigned it with you in mind, streamlining menus, simplifying navigation, building a responsive layout for all platforms and providing more resources and information on our products and services. We encourage you to explore the site, discovering the full spectrum of uses of our PRES and OWL product lines, read some of our most recent news; including partnering with QCCA, or explore our Leadership pages and get to know the EMOL Health team a little better. EMOL Health will continue to expand our resources to deliver the most updated andRead More →

One of EMOL Health’s partners, the Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA) has announced its intention to become a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN). The board of QCCA voted unanimously in favor of becoming a CIN on a national level, making it the first of its kind in terms of geographic coverage. Through the CIN model, the network will further support its practice members through a robust health information exchange, care coordination and management services, and contracting support that will allow for the development of better methods for delivering improved outcomes in all aspects of cancer care delivery. Read more about the development of QCCA’s CIN inRead More →

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between EMOL Health and the Quality Cancer Care Alliance (QCCA). QCCA is a growing group of community oncology practices from across the country that formed to promote clinical integration to improve the quality of patient care. In order to achieve this they have partnered with EMOL Health. QCCA will utilize EMOL Health’s OWL system to create a centralized data warehouse. This warehouse will create opportunities for consistent architecture and business agreements for data acquisition, sharing, and analysis to aid member practices. Additionally, QCCA Members will gain access to EMOL Health Tools in order to increase clinical trialRead More →

Congratulations to Erin Sarzynski on her publication of Beta Testing a Novel Smartphone Application to Improve Medication Adherence. Dr. Sarzynski used PRES Rx, a patient-centered medication management application, as a mobile health (m-health) tool to auto-populate drug names and dosing instructions directly from patients medication labels utilizing OCR. PRES Rx also reminded patients to take their medications, tracked their adherence, conducted surveys, and reported back in real-time.Read More →

EMOL Health has just lunched our new Breast Cancer Risk Assessment (BCRA) system with a custom website for radiology offices. Our BCRA system allows health care providers to identify more high-risk patients in order to provide the extra care those patients require while driving incremental revenue for the practice. Learn more at http://bcra.emolhealth.comRead More →

What’s New in Version 1.07 Improved Performance and Stability Enhanced Document Scanning Email & Text Studies/Reports to patients and care providers which can be taken/viewed via the web Advanced Login including Server Switching Password Reset Functionality Fully-Integrated Web Version of the AppRead More →

Congratulations to Veronica Decker on your publication of Piloting an Automated Distress Management Program in an Oncology Practice. Dr. Decker used PRES Mobile to collect data directly from patients, perform real-time analysis, and create tailored psychosocial coping recommendations, referrals, or both to nurses and patients.Read More →

Congratulations to Sandra Spoelstra on your publication of Feasibility of a text messaging intervention to promote symptom management and medication adherence for patients prescribed oral anti-cancer agents. Dr. Spoelstra used the PRES IVR and SMS system to promote self-management for patients prescribed oral oncology agents. Patients had high satisfaction with the texts, and adherence and symptoms improved after the intervention.Read More →