Project Coordinator (Royal Oak, MI)

Anna has worked in project management and implementation processes for over ten years. Following her college years she would serve as EIC Assist and Editor for live and pre-recorded sporting events including American Football, Soccer, Ice Hockey, and Poker Tournaments. Anna’s ability to react intuitively and accurately to ever changing environments made her a reliable asset no matter what the filming setting. Once the constant travel had lost its luster, Anna moved on to Retail Management, where she used her organization and people skills to hone a talented and successful team. Her abilities won her the opportunity to open a new storefront for JoAnn Stores, where she was responsible for all hiring and training, while simultaneously managing the set-up of the new storefront.

Anna came to EMOL Health to fill a widening gap between the sales and development teams through project management. As the PRES product line expanded and the OWL warehouses grew, more oversight and cross-team communication was needed. Anna was able to integrate into the existing EMOL Health atmosphere without project disruption and added immediate value as she came onboard while large projects with MSU, Apria Health, and CMS were emerging.

Anna is a proud mother of two boys, and enjoys taking her family on outdoor adventures such as an annual camping trip with their extended family. Anna is also involved in non-profit work, as a board member of the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association and Committee Member of the ConFusion Convention Planning Committee. She has been apart of both organizations for over 10 years, holding positions as high as Board Vice President from 2012-2015 and Convention Chair in 2015 and 2016.


Project Coordinator
Office: 248.434.1670 x 204
Cell: 248.224.8991