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Electronic Medical Office Logistics (EMOL Health) LLC, was founded in 2006 by Brian Decker. Brian recognized the value of information, the importance of compliance, and the overall inefficiencies of current set-ups regarding electronic medical records. In response to these needs, EMOL Health developed a portfolio of web applications that work to search, group, and organize medical information resulting in streamlining and improving processes for a wide range of healthcare professionals.

The warehousing and aggregation of data, as one of the primary focuses of EMOL Health, is valuable to many different entities in the healthcare industry including: Oncologists, Pharmaceutical Companies, Government and Non-Governmental Third Party payers; as this information is vital to determine compliance to treatment guidelines, market strategies for pharmaceutical agents, cost/benefit analysis, and clinical research studies.This warehouse is known as OWL.

As experts in medical data collection, EMOL Health was able to determine where gaps in current medical charts exist. Between clinical visits with their providers patients are still in need of evaluation and proactive interactions. There is valuable insight to be gained from what occurs during the time between patient appointments. With this in mind, in 2009 EMOL Health developed and released the PRES platform. PRES Is used in at-home health provider settings, along with provider offices, to more acutely follow and understand patients. It has also been utilized to provide outreach to at-risk populations.

In addition to our OWL and PRES platforms, EMOL Health provides IT consulting; custom interfaces, and develops national standard compliance tools all with the goal of providing electronic solutions for medical information services.

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